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How to substitute Budapest guide books

2018. december 16. - Szabolcs90

When traveling to a new city people often look for guide books to navigate the local area. But these manuals don’t really reflect the whole expreience of the city. If you are visiting the hungarian capital we have a few substitutes for Budapest guide books.

First you need to find a good accomodation. Close to the centre but not too formal. This way you can have a much better relationship with the staff who know a lot about the local area. they can give you excellent tips which are not in the guidebooks.

Next you have to mix with the locals. Budapest is a global city. Lots of english speaking hungarians work here. Also the best univerities of the country are here with lots of students who love visitors. Drink a coffee or a pint with them, have a good conversation and ask for places which are unknown to most but popular with the locals.

Third tip we give you is trust your instincts. If someone seems a scammer avoid them. If you see something interesting go and find out more about it. The best experiences come from the unexpected events.

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